Wed. Oct 4th, 2023
চুল পড়া রোধে যা করবেন

Hair loss is a common problem. Hair can fall out for various reasons. Dust, air pollution and climate change also increase the rate of hair loss. Shampoo made from natural ingredients should be used by avoiding chemical shampoo to wash hair and conditioner must be used after shampooing.(What To do To Prevent Hair Loss)

After bathing, the roots of the hair become soft, at which time the rate of hair fall and breakage is greatly increased by wiping or combing the hair with strong pressure. Many people use hair dryers to dry their hair. The hot air in the dryer is harmful to the hair. Hot air or any kind of heat should not be taken in the hair, it will increase the hair fall.(What To do To Prevent Hair Loss)

Hair oil must be used regularly to stop hair loss or for hair care. In this case you can use coconut oil. Pair of coconut oil to make hair smooth and healthy. The anti-bacterial properties of coconut oil protect the hair from bacterial or fungal attacks.
If you want to know why your hair is falling out, you must first know what you are eating.(What To do To Prevent Hair Loss)

Uncontrolled eating habits are one of the causes of hair loss. Eggs, milk, seafood and foods rich in vitamin E are very good for hair. In order to prevent hair loss, it is important to keep the scalp clean as well as eat healthy food and be worry free. Feedback will never be good if the body does not get a balanced diet; Rather hormonal imbalance may be created. So if you want to keep your hair healthy, you have to stay healthy from the inside.(What To do To Prevent Hair Loss)